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Our Nursery is a calm, caring, and nurturing environment where the babies are given time and space to explore.


Our focus for our precious 'little ones'  is to provide secure and nurturing relationships in an environment which supports their growing developmental needs.

For babies, everything they encounter is a brand new experience and an opportunity for learning which is why they rely so much on their senses to help them understand the world around them.  Sensory play is therefore an everyday occurrence in the Nursery as it  stimulates brain growth and cognitive development, improves fine and gross motor skills, fosters positive social interaction and promotes creativity and self discovery.  Sensory exploration promotes critical thinking  and language development by giving babies the opportunity to use their senses in new and meaningful ways.   Babies are introduced to maths concepts when they are able to investigate materials by filling, pouring, sorting and scooping.   Early science concepts are also learnt as babies discover properties of materials such as wet &dry, light &heavy and movement & static as well as the cause and effect. 

Individual routines, such as feeding, bottles and sleep times are adhered to as closely as possible, to ensure a smooth transition from home to the early learning centre. 

Planned and spontaneous experiences provide our babies with opportunities to reach all their developmental milestones bearing in mind that each one is unique and will do so at their own pace.

As routine experiences such as nappy change, meals, and nap time are a large part of the daily schedule, educators use these as intentional, one on one teaching moments to ensure no opportunities are missed.